Engagement Story


In July 2018, the Hough and the Byrd families took a summer vacation trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Cody had been planning for months to propose during the trip with both families together. Cody told Kasey that he wanted to tour some old plantations around Charleston on their final full day of vacation. 

On the beautiful summer morning of July 5, Cody woke Kasey up much earlier than any person on vacation should be up. Anyone that knows Cody, knows he likes to be there early and Kasey wasn't feeling it this morning. When he picked her up and they headed off Kasey had one request, stop at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee. Cody however had more than just a tour in mind and had a strict schedule to keep and decided to drive right by Dunkin Donuts calmly even to Kasey's declaration, "the plantation has been there for 100 years what's another 5 minutes !" Cody was on a mission though, and without coffee they went. As Cody grabbed their tickets he failed to notice Kasey was chasing a peacock around the entrance trying to get a closer look. Once he found her, he grabbed a map and they headed into the hot, humid forest.

Kasey attempted to guide Cody through the whole Walking Tour and really made him upset when she sprayed bug spray on him (little did she know, he didn't want to be shiny in the upcoming photoshoot he had planned).  While Cody was secretly texting his photographer who was stealthy hiding awaiting their arrival, Kasey just wandered through the gardens, assuming Cody was just busy handling a work emergency. Cody had never been to Magnolia Plantation so trying to navigate to the planned white bridge location on the Google Map provided by their photographer weeks earlier became troublesome and Kasey took over. Meandering through the gardens on this perfect morning, Kasey stopped to take some photos of Cody in nature however Cody couldn't stop thinking of the photographer hiding in the bushes and how late he was in getting to the bridge and boy did it show.  

With Kasey's help Cody finally spotted the white bridge, but not before Kasey wandered into a manicured garden calling for Cody to follow. With a quick "That's nice", and a "let's go" they were off again to finally cross the bridge. As they made it half way over, Cody stopped and dropped to one knee; pulling out a box and opening it (upside down)! Before he could mutter 1/4 of the speech he had been rehearsing for weeks (and turning the box right-side up), she said YES! 

They had a photoshoot around the picturesque Magnolia Plantation and headed back to the beach house, where both families and Kasey's best friend Ashley had planned a surprise celebration brunch. 

The beautiful city of Charleston holds some of the most picturesque and meaningful memories for Cody & Kasey's relationship. In deciding where to get married, they picked a city they would most love to share with their closest family & friends, so see ya'll in Charleston!

White Bridge Proposal
Our Photographer Chris Hiding